Thank you for visiting my web portfolio.  My name is Martha Schaffer and I am Associate Director of Composition at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to developing and teaching foundational writing courses for first-year students in the university’s unique writing-intensive seminar program, I am responsible for first-year writing program placement, faculty support and outreach, and active participation with the writing committee, which consists of the various faculty members who provide writing instruction and support to the university’s students.

I completed my PhD in English (Rhetoric & Writing) at Bowling Green State University, where I taught first-year composition courses and worked as a mentor to new graduate teaching assistants in the General Studies Writing Program.  My research there focused on assessment practices within writing programs. My dissertation, Affective Possibilities for Rhetoric & Writing:  How We Might Self-Assess Potentiality in Composition, explores student writer self-assessment practices and seeks a useful definition of “potentiality” to help students recognize and consider their capacities for growth and development into future writing projects and writing selves.

Currently, I teach first-year writing and advanced writing courses at Case Western, including courses in rhetoric and linguistics.  I am passionate about the theory and practice of teaching writing to developing writers and teachers, writing across the curriculum, and writing assessment.

My web portfolio offers information about my teaching practices and beliefs, my research interests, and my writing endeavors.   Additionally, you can download my curriculum vitae here.  Please feel free to contact me.

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